pooch pitch

perfect for small businesses on the local high street
the secure and convenient dog tie

pooch pitch

ideal for leisure locations
the secure and convenient dog tie

pooch pitch

making life easier within the community
the secure and convenient dog tie

pooch pitch

convenient at home or trips to holiday cottages
the secure and convenient dog tie

pooch pitch

drinks for all, ideal at the pub – cheers!
the secure and convenient dog tie

pooch pitch

Brilliant situated in tourist shops – time for ice cream!
the secure and convenient dog tie

pooch pitch

consumers – place one at home – sensible for muddy paws moments !
the secure and convenient dog tie

Delight everyone – get a pooch pitch™

A unique new British product – designed with dog owners in mind

It’s a dog tie – intended to be used by dog owners so they can simply see and easily attach the dog lead in a convenient and visible location.  This robust and durable product is made using British steel – the strength needed to hold a dog secure for a few minutes.

In the UK 24% of households own dogs and pooch pitch recognises that dogs are part of the family.  Supporting shop local – dog owners could enjoy a trip to the high street with the ease of “hands free” moments at the bank,  the post-office, convenience shops and cafes; libraries and public buildings – the list is truly endless.  

pooch pitch for commercial premises

Easy to see and simple to use, this convenient practical product demonstrates you care.  It’s a win-win situation, encouraging return visits and it demonstrates your commitment to the community that supports your business.

The world-wide population of dogs is astonishingly large and rising –  UK – approximately 9 million, Europe 43 million, USA 43 million

” This product was a small financial investment – but a massive feel good factor for our customers “

Lead the way at your premises – 9 million dogs in the UK and rising…

pooch pitch™ gives your customers the knowledge that their pooches are tied to a secure, strong and solid product in a convenient and visible location whilst they visit your premises.
Positioning this attractive and durable design (that can be branded accordingly) at a convenient location on your premises shows your customers that you care.  In keeping their dogs happy and watered, pooch pitch™ encourages return visits from customers.

pooch pitch in the community

“It shows we care – we are a nation of dog-lovers”

Imagine the convenience to the general public if a pooch pitch was conveniently located in all those places we regularly visit…

It’s a well known fact that man’s best friend is his dog – research indicates that the benefits of having a canine companion are real and broad.  The healthy benefits, physically and mentally, of owning a dog can be seen in every walk of life.   Out and about in the community it would be so easy to cater for pooches more by simply providing a pooch pitch (small and large with drinking water) in all those places we like to visit with our canine friend.

From promenades to parks, libraries to council offices, a convenient pooch pitch would make life easier and demonstrate our love of dogs.    Go the extra mile – show the community that we are truly dog friendly, whilst also supporting British industry and encouraging shop local.

Consumers – pooch pitch for you – at home !

Inside the porch or out-side in the garden, simply affix to a solid wall at a location to suit you and your pooch. Think how it will make life easier for the washing, grooming, unloading the car after that family trip, or simply hanging the dog leads!

  • Practical
  • Long –lasting
  • Convenient
  • Easy to fix – in a location of your choice
  • Robust
  • Colours to suit
  • British-made

Woof Woof – it’s a gift

Product Information

pooch pitch is instantly recognisable for it’s purpose as a place to tie a dog. Convenient and simple to use, it has a hook or loop to allow the dog lead to easily yet securely be attached. The practical designs are made from steel with zinc coating providing a durable and long-lasting product. It can easily be attached to external or internal solid walls or sturdy wooden posts. pooch pitch is available in two eye-catching registered® designs

small pooch pitch

The small pooch pitch simply fixes to solid walls with two screws. It has a hook and closed loop D ring for the dog lead to be simply yet securely be attached. Easily identifiable for purpose, and ideal to position at a suitable height and location of your choice; thus enabling dog owners the convenience of being able to have “hands free” moments!

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large pooch pitch

The large pooch pitch design includes a collapsible rim to hold a removeable water bowl slightly raised from the ground making it easy for dogs to drink and digest, and yet easy enough to fold away to prevent obstruction when not in use.

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The things they say......

Product research carried out whilst designing pooch pitch

” I love the idea that you could take pooch with you to the local high street, convenience shopping that includes healthy walkies”

“Our visit to dog friendly attractions such as stately homes and castles would benefit from providing these pooch pitches, for those times you just need to be hands free to sort out the kids, bags, tickets etc.”

“Useful at motorway service stations, whilst travelling – especially the water bowl facility”

“I take the dog to the school gates would be useful there too”

“It would be useful at our holiday cottage, and perfect outside my porch area at home too”

“Brilliant idea to have the bowl with fresh water slightly raised from ground level”

“We often go camping, this product would be ideal at the site shop, laundry and toilet/shower block”

“It would be great to have in a beer garden, or outside café area – then I can be hands free for a bit ”


Here you can read what our clients think of pooch pitch

We operate a camping and caravan site, where dogs are allowed only on a lead. We purchased the large pooch pitch with drinking water bowl and placed it outside our site shop. The small pooch pitch we have placed in several areas around the camping facilities such as toilet block, laundry room and near the footpath to the beach.

Without doubt, it has been a practical investment for our customers who are delighted with the product, and have commented on the simplicity yet robust practicality of the design, and appreciate our efforts to care for them and their canine friends. A simple idea – it is a winning formula! Highly recommended, a small financial investment, but a massive feel good factor for our clients.

Sian Richardson

Pencarnan Campsite

About Us

We love dogs, we love simple practical ideas and products, we love supporting local businesses...

The story so far…

In 2014 walking along my local high street I noticed a boxer dog being tied to a rather precarious looking table outside a book shop.  Moments later, both table and dog were travelling at high speed along the pavement causing havoc !  Luckily there were no injuries just an embarrassed owner and bewildered shop-keeper.

Later that evening feeling creative, I came up with the idea of creating the pooch pitch. After a  few designs, various prototypes, lots of learning, I am happy with the two pooch pitch designs.   I am proud that they have been produced by a British manufacturer in the UK.  I am passionate about supporting British industry and believe in “buying local”.

I sincerely hope you like the product and I welcome all feedback.


pooch pitch - the secure and convenient dog tie for your customers

Buy British

You will be supporting local industry when you buy a pooch pitch, as it is designed and made in the UK from British steel.

Strong, practical and durable, it can be fitted easily.

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